"OTGOODOR LLC" is a registered company which has been operating successfully in tourism and the foreign trade industry since 2009. Our tourism branch features an agency named ROAD MONGOLIA and ORKHON camp.

We are a local travel agency and an eco-friendly tourist camp specializing in adventure trips. Our camp is idyllically located in one of the most fascinating regions of Mongolia, at the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Orkhon Valley.  We work with number of tour operators within the country.


We designed our tours by experiencing them ourselves, making sure that they are the most enjoyable and exciting experiences for you.


We do not organize tours in large groups, our tours are exclusive.  This allows us to tailor them to your needs and pace, so that we may ensure a great quality tour.

Thus, we have established an NGO named “Long Life Academy" dedicated to the Mongolian Seniors in 2015 initiated by Francois Vellas, President of AIUTA.



Our company is supported by the French NGO Acting for Life (Tourism, Ethics & Development Department) and is committed to the sustainable and social development of the valley. In addition to our ecological equipements to reduce pollution, we have carried out programs in favor of the local community such as fixing the roads, cleaning up polluted areas or installing trash cans in order to reduce the pollution in the valley and in Mongolia.

Meet The Team


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Director, graduated Masters degree in Economics and Management of Tourism from the Toulouse 1 Capitole University, France 

KHALIUNAA Uranchimeg

General manager, graduated bachelor of Marketing and Management  from the University National of Mongolia


Head of communication, graduated bachelor of Communication & Advertisement at University of Humanities  



Residence-41, Bayangol district

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


+976 99085318

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